About Us

The Industrial Assessment Centers at the University of Missouri (Mizzou IAC) and the Midwest IAC, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, are committed to advancing energy efficiency, waste reduction, and productivity enhancement in the manufacturing sector. Our joint efforts are guided by the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability: We collaborate with small to midsize manufacturers across the central Midwest to optimize energy usage, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices in manufacturing operations. Through tailored assessments and recommendations, we aim to bolster the resilience and environmental responsibility of industrial facilities.
  2. Empowering Future Engineers: At Mizzou IAC and Midwest IAC, we are dedicated to training the next generation of energy engineers. Our programs provide invaluable hands-on experience and equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world challenges in the field of industrial engineering.
  3. Industry Engagement and Outreach: We actively engage with industrial stakeholders and related organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster collaboration. By sharing best practices and innovative solutions, we aim to drive continuous improvement and promote the adoption of sustainable technologies across the manufacturing sector.

Our combined team of faculty and student engineers conducts comprehensive assessments at manufacturing facilities, leveraging data-driven insights to identify opportunities for improvement. With a total of 328 matching assessments conducted, we have provided invaluable guidance to industrial partners, resulting in significant achievements:

  • 2,232 Recommendations: Our assessments have yielded over 2,200 recommendations for energy efficiency, waste reduction, and productivity improvement, with an average of 6.8 recommendations per assessment.
    Implemented Recommendations: Of these recommendations, 1,208 have been successfully implemented, leading to tangible impacts on energy usage and cost savings for our clients.
  • The range of assessments include clients from the following industries: food, various automotive parts, foundries, batteries, metal food containers, winemaking, baked goods, pharmaceuticals, polymer processing, bottling plants, glass and carbon fiber, and wastewater treatment plants, among others.

Key statistics from our assessments include:

  • Average Recommended Savings: Each assessment has shown an average potential savings of $131,539, with notable reductions in energy usage across various categories, including electrical and natural gas consumption.
  • Implemented Impacts: Implemented recommendations have resulted in significant cost savings and usage reductions, with an average savings of $53,812 per assessment.

Our client portfolio encompasses a diverse range of industries, including food production, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment, among others. By delivering tailored solutions and ongoing support, we are committed to driving sustainable growth and resilience within the manufacturing sector.

Please view the Midwest IAC brochure here (PDF) for more information on the center.