About Us

The Industrial Assessment Center at the University of Missouri (Midwest IAC), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, has the following objectives:

  1. Help small to midsize manufacturers in central Midwest improve energy efficiency and waste reduction in their manufacturing operations while promoting the use of renewable energy and introducing resilience the manufacturing operations.
  2. Train the next generation of energy engineers.
  3. Outreach to the industrial sector and related organizations.

Our team of faculty and student engineers provides no-cost energy, productivity and waste assessments to small- and medium-scale industrial facilities. Our center has conducted assessments at over 325 manufacturing facilities and wastewater treatment facilities. We have made over 2,000 recommendations of measures for energy efficiency, waste reduction and productivity improvement. We also provide a preliminary assessment of the robustness of the cybersecurity infrastructure. Thus far, our recommendations have shown an average potential savings of about 6-10% for our clients’ annual energy bills (which typically include electric, natural gas, water and discharge streams if applicable).

The range of assessments include clients from the following industries: food, various automotive parts, foundries, batteries, metal food containers, winemaking, baked goods, pharmaceuticals, polymer processing, bottling plants, glass and carbon fiber, and wastewater treatment plants, among others.

Please view the Midwest IAC brochure here (PDF) for more information on the center.


Machinery in a plant during an industrial audit A student using an instrument to determine the performance of an electric motor A student using an ultrasound instrument to locate compressed air leaks Two students working together to determine the composition and temperature of hot exhaust from a furnace

two individuals working together to determine the performance of an electric motor