Client Feedback


I have printed and briefly went through the review. This is a great amount of work and I am excited to thoroughly read through this and look at how we can save money on electrical consumption as well as water. I will provide some feedback/comments after I go through it completely.

Thank you very much again for the diligent work you and the students have put into this I greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,                                                                                                              (Client #267)


This audit is very well done. Not only does it provide Dean Foods with sustainability projects and the savings calculations use for project justification, but it also provided your students with real-world hands-on experience. I support the O’Fallon plant from a corporate engineering function, so when Randy presented your idea to perform the audit I thought it was a great fit with our sustainability objectives. Dean Foods, like many organizations today, is being asked to dig deeper for sustainability and cost savings projects, so this audit will allow us to fill the pipeline. Randy and I will get together to look over the projects and discuss possible timelines for completion. Thanks again for your teams work.                                                                   (Client #257)


Thank you and your team for the onsite assessment and providing the detailed report; I have filed the report and intend to visit each recommendation and request action to implementation opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed having your students and the length of detail to supply Legrand Cablofil with sustainability projects that identify the cost savings and energy reduction efforts maximum impact. Legrand Cablofil is committed to setting objectives intended to improve our environmental performance by taking action to protect the environment, meeting compliance obligations, and continually improving. Thank you for your support in those efforts and for reaching our sustainability and energy reduction goals.                                      (Client #249)


This is a very comprehensive energy report. Very well stated through careful engineering calculations. I am glad to see that all data used were true and within range. Savings calculated are realistic and initial costs were low. Bottom line is, I like your approach of evaluating what we have and figuring out how to manage the equipment to yield higher throughput in relation to operating cost before any expensive upgrade implementations. I truly appreciate the effort and hard work of you and your team. I assure you that most of these, if not all, recommendations will be implemented in our facility and perhaps to all JCI plant across NA. Moving forward, my team will develop an action plan to start implementing these recommendations. I will definitely call you if we have some questions. Thanks for the help. Please extend my appreciation to your team.

(client #237)


Attached is a summary of our electric usage over the last two and a half years. We implemented several recommendations from the energy audit during June of 2018. As you can see, the savings have been material. Thank you for your help with our energy issues. We would like to continue to work with you on these types of programs in the future.                                               (Client #231)


Working with Sanjeev’s team was a delight. They were knowledgeable, professional, and asked great questions to understand our process completely before generating a report with suggestions. The report highlighted some improvement areas that we had not thought of yet which was fantastic. Thank you very much for your time to help us continuously improve our energy reduction plans.                                                                                        (Client #227)


The report looks great! Very detailed and payback calculations make it easy for our team to prioritize. We are planning to discuss it tomorrow in our weekly management meeting and come up with an action plan to start getting some of the improvements underway. I will let you know how things progress. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team.    (Client #225)


The audit process is valuable to help us understand the highest areas of benefit and to allow us to get an outside perspective on the projects we should focus on. We have been able to start projects earlier by having the energy savings to justify the projects.                                                (Client #219)