Assessment Process

The Energy and Waste Assessment Process

Industrial and Commercial Building Assessments:

Welcome to the Energy and Waste Assessment Process offered by the Midwest IAC at the University of Missouri (MU). We provide comprehensive assessments for both industrial facilities and commercial buildings to identify energy-saving opportunities and improve overall efficiency.

Client Eligibility:

To qualify for an assessment, facilities must meet specific criteria:

Industrial Facilities:

  • Be a manufacturer or wastewater treatment facility (with SIC code between 2001 – 3999).
  • Yearly energy bills between $100,000 and $3.5 million.
  • Gross annual sales below $100 million.
  • Located within approximately 150 radial miles of Columbia, MO, or specific regions in Kansas, central and southern Illinois, and southern Iowa.
  • No professional in-house staff to perform the assessment.

Commercial Buildings:

  • Less than 100,000 square feet.
  • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Assessment Process:

Our assessment process consists of several steps tailored to meet the unique needs of each client:

  1. Pre-Assessment Information Gathering:
    • Collect utility bills and fill out a pre-audit form.
  2. Pre-Assessment Analysis:
    • Review gathered data to prepare for the on-site assessment.
  3. On-Site Assessment:
    • Conduct a comprehensive assessment focusing on key systems such as energy benchmarking, building envelope, HVAC, lighting, and more.
  4. Post-Assessment:
    • Analyze data gathered during the assessment and deliver a detailed report with recommendations for energy savings and efficiency improvements.

Apply for Energy Assessment

Contact the Assessment Center Director, Sanjeev Khanna via email at or by phone at 573-884-9109, with the following information:

Pre-Assessment Process

Client Contact and Possible Pre-Assessment Visit

After a potential client expresses interest in receiving Midwest IAC services, the IAC director will ensure that:

  • The client is eligible for an assessment
  • The client becomes familiar with the assessment objectives and procedure
  • On occasions the IAC director may visit the client before the assessment visit

Collection of Pre-Assessment Data

Before conducting an assessment, Midwest IAC needs the client’s utility bills (electric, natural gas, other fuels, water including sewage if applicable) from the past year (12 consecutive months) and a filled-out pre-audit form.

Pre-assessment data should be made available to Midwest IAC preferably two weeks before the assessment.

Phone Interview and Scheduling of Assessment

The IAC director will arrange with the client the assessment date and time. Prior to the onsite visit, the center director will conduct a brief phone interview, if needed, to compile additional background information.


We prioritize the confidentiality of our clients’ data:

  • Client information is not shared with any organization or agency except the US Department of Energy.
  • Assessment reports are stored securely and only summary data is shared publicly.